24 November, 2008

Make your Own Christmas Cracker Favours

The talented Nella from http://www.lostmykitty.etsy.com/ has kindly offered to share her DIY tips for making crackers- these are such a personal favour option and ideal for a festive wedding. Check out her Etsy shop that has unique wedding crafts all made with love and care. From mini photo albums to silk corsages, I am sure there is something that you will fall in love with as an individual piece for your wedding day.

What You’ll Need- Makes a 10 ¼ inch cracker with a 5” x 2” cylinder for filling.

  1. Wrapping paper (cut to 7” x 12”) – It is important to use a thicker paper as crackers made with thin sheets will tear apart too easily while being constructed.
  2. Center tube (5” x 6” sealed with glue or tape) and ends (cut into 2” x 6” strips) – I purchased a sheet of handmade 90 weight ivory paper.
  3. Cracker snaps
  4. Fillers: fortunes, jokes, riddles, or a Christmas themed cutout; small gifts; and chocolates – I’ve used Sterling Silver Christmas charms and pretty silver ornaments for mine.
  5. Organza ribbon (two 12” and one 5” strips)
  6. Jingle Bells – It just wouldn’t be Christmas without that particular little jingle!
  7. Utility Knife
  8. Scissors
  9. Metal Ruler
  10. Cutting MatGlue Stick and Tape


Step 1 – Divide your 12” Wrapping paper sheet lengthwise at the intervals 2” 1.5” 5” 1.5” 2”. Draw lines along those intervals. Now mark ½” up the sheet in the 1.5” space and then score on each side. This will make it much easier to close your cracker ends without it tearing.

Step 2 – Glue and tape down your Cracker snap to the lengthwise center of the sheet.

Step 3 – Tape one end of the paper and roll the paper onto the center tube using the center lines you’ve drawn as a guide. Add a strip of glue to the edge of the wrapping paper and seal.

Step 4 – Tie off one end of your cracker with the 12” strip of organza ribbon. Be careful not to tie it too tight so as not to rip the paper. Now you are ready to fill your cracker!

Step 5 – Here I have all the items I’ve put in my crackers I’ve attached the Sterling Silver Snowflake to one of the Christmas ornaments using the 5” strip of organza ribbon. Fill the cracker and tie off the other end using the remaining 12” strip of organza ribbon.

Step 6 – Now that your cracker is complete, roll the 2” x 6” strips into the ends of the cracker to keep them nice and stiff.

Step 7 – To add the jingle bells, thread each bell to each end of the organza ribbon. Push the bell down the ribbon and then tie a pretty little bow.

Step 8 – Your cracker is now complete! Fight the urge to make it snap. I unfortunately couldn’t help myself with this one but it was the best two seconds ever!

What it will cost:
Paperchase Wrapping Paper 2m 3.50 25 Paperchase Round Ornaments 3.50 72 Paperchase Jingle Bells 3.50 90 weight Ivory paper from Jarrold’s 1.70 Roll of Ribbon from Jarrold’s .99 25 Cracker Snaps on Ebay 2.40 Sterling Silver Charms on Ebay 17.99 Chocolates from M&S 1.98
Total 2.40 per cracker. Can’t beat that price for Sterling Silver!

09 November, 2008

Bella Barcelona- A Mediterranean Wedding

Having just returned from coordinating a client exhibition in Barcelona, I am full of love for the city. The event was held at the base of a castle, the perfect setting for romantic visions of wonderful Spanish weddings in the city or local villages. The photo opportunities are limitless, the city is surrounded by mountains and the sea combined with Gaudi's architecture you will be spoilt for creative backdrops. Gastronomically you and your guests will be in for a treat. Catalans take their love of Mediterranean food and wine very seriously, and the area is famed for producing the best sparkling wine ¨Cava¨ in Spain.
These images highlight just some of the gorgeous locations- you could get married in the old rooms of the Capuchin monks, have an outdoor ceremony with wonderful views, in a stylish art deco hotel or aboard a yacht.
The region is very accessible, with its three airports (Barcelona, Girona & Reus) serviced by many airlines. There are also an enormous number and variety of accommodation options, particularly apartment hire to make your wedding an affordable experience for you and all your guests.
P.s… You will need: application to marry form, certificate of no impediment, certified translations of all required documents, official declaration stating where you reside and a consular registration certificate. Residency requirement is 21 days if non-catholic and nonresident. The above information is for guidance only and should not be regarded as legal advice. It is important that you verify all information with the local marriage license office before making any wedding or travel plans.
Picture credits:
1. Monastery El Convent in Blanes http://www.el-convent.com/
2. Gaudi collage by Fernanda Ferreira, Flickr
3. Capella de l'Hospital de Sant Pere http://www.poblesdecatalunya.cat/
4. Ayre Hotel Gran Via http://www.ayrehoteles.com/