26 January, 2009

Hot Bridal Hair Looks For 2009

We are delighted to have our very own wedding hair expert sharing her vast knowledge on our blog. Jo from http://www.lovehair.co.uk/ has kindly offered to share with us her tips on what is hot for bridal hair in 2009. Jo's years of experience include training with Channel 4 'The Salon's' Paul Merrit, styling 'Ugly Betty's' Ashley Jensen and working in Gretna Green where she was was often styling up to 10 brides a day!

This year is all about understated glamour weather it be messy, but structured styles or simple lady like up do’s. We have moved on from the Boho waves and huge perfectly coiffered hairs of 2008 and on to something more stylish and ladylike… think breakfast at Tiffanys. The other looks that are going to be big as well as messy are the Birds nests. Plus bows and plaits are back!

1. Small and chic veil They have been creeping in over 2007 and 2008, but 2009 is going to see these little treasure everywhere. Not just on brides but bridesmaids, mum’s, and guests too, they add instant glamour to any hair up do.

2. Messy up-do
There is more to this than meets the eye and if you are getting married, but not dreaming of the smooth structured styles then why not try this sexier messier version. Keep the outline shape strong and the hair around your face smoother in contrast and to give you a beautiful profile. Remember while Diana Vicker’s hair looks great, this is your wedding day and you have a long time to look at these photos so don’t do anything you will regret!

3. Classic up-do
A perfect look for brides and bridesmaids alike, a low chic up do can be kept simple and also looks great with flowers, corsages, head bands and bows. It is catching on- Stella McCartney recently sent models out with neat ballerina style buns for her Spring Summer 09 collection. It is all about being effortlessly beautiful in 2009.

4. Half up with curls

This style was everywhere last year as it will be this year. It is elegant and is great for those of you who just can not decide whether to go up or down. It takes the hair off your face but leaves it on your shoulders for a softer look. Perfect. And this year it will be slightly more structured with vintage style curls rather than tousled waves.

Love Hair are fully qualified and experienced wedding hairdressers that will visit your home or hotel in London and the South East of England. Sit back, relax and enjoy this wonderful experience on your big day! With a full consultation included, all you have to do is enjoy being pampered and if you book this week you can get an extra 10% off! http://www.lovehair.co.uk/

Images from Lovehair.co.uk

21 January, 2009

Sweet Signs to Guide Your Wedding Guests

I spotted these cute wedding signs on Cox and Cox’s website earlier. What a pretty way to make sure that all your guests know where they should be heading. These enamel signs are printed on both sides, so they are tough enough to hang outside and to overcome any windy weather that may turn them over. They start from only £10.00 and you can find them here http://www.coxandcox.co.uk/categories/any-excuse-for-a-party
Images from Coxandcox.co.uk

19 January, 2009

I love you more than being in a plane taking off to our holiday destination

What does love mean to you, without all the cliché lines?
Paperwhite studio is exploring how we measure love in real terms; visit their blog here to read heaps of meaningful comments left on what love means to different people.
Some of my favourites include ‘I love you more than finally being able to sneeze’, ‘I love you more than singing in the shower’, ‘I love you more than my birthday’… oh there are so many that will make you smile and nod your head at the computer…

02 January, 2009

Simple DIY Steps for Gorgeous Wedding Trees

Branches are a fantastically effective way to decorate a venue or have as a table centre. We were inspired by the picture above to have some fun with spray cans and hanging crystal garlands for a winter wonderland effect. They can also serve a purpose as well as being a pretty embellishment; why not use branches to hang luggage style tags for guests to write their messages on in place of a guest book? Or a wishing tree is an ideal whimsical task for such a dreamy decoration. The latest blog from the wonderful Wedding Chicks is dedicated to this very topic; the girls with good taste have looked into how guests can leave you meaningful messages here.

Together with decorativebranches.com they have put these six easy steps together for creating a decoration with branches. Click here to look at their blog for more details and enjoy what may be one of your first DIY projects for 2009!

Picture credits: 1. www.etheraldecor.com 2. www.weddingchicks.com