15 April, 2011

Keeping Your Guests Informed On the Day

Whether you are having a civil or a religious ceremony, by providing your guests with an 'Order of Service', an 'Order of the Day' or a 'Wedding Programme', you can ensure everyone will know what to expect to help the day to flow smoothly.
From a simple service summary to a full programme, there are a range of design options- scrolls, a single sheet of card, a booklet, information on a fan… the list is endless and all are great ways to fit in with your wedding style and personalise your ceremony.
They can help your guests follow the ceremony, understand cultural traditions and also become familiar with your bridal party; they serve as a wonderful keepsake too.
When greeting guests your ushers can hand these out, or try placing them on the back of each chair. This is a pretty way to display them whilst adding a touch of color to your ceremony decor.
The content can be as brief or extensive as you’d like, here is a general guideline of what can be included:
The cover Both of your names Ceremony venue Date Wedding Party Both sets of parents Best Man Chief Bridesmaid Ushers Bridesmaids Readers Musician The Ceremony Songs – list the titles and singer / composer listed Readings (mention titles) Order for vows, exchange of the rings and pronouncement Optional Inserts Explanation of traditions (religious, cultural, family, etc.) Thank you message Schedule of the day Table seating plan Wedding breakfast menu
Picture credits: 1- Jenifer Carrol, 2- Cherry Gorgeous, 3- reader contribution