27 January, 2010

Q&A: What side should the buttonhole be on?

There are some questions we regularly get asked that I’ll start sharing on the blog, starting with the popular query ‘What side should the buttonhole be on?’
The men’s buttonholes should be on the left side- easy to remember as it is closest to the heart. It helps the flower stay looking it’s best all day as most people lean in to hug people from the right, the handkerchief should also be on this side.
To attach the buttonhole position it 10cm down from your left shoulder and pin from the underside of the lapel down through the stem and back out to keep the pin hidden and the flower secure. Alternatively if you have a wedding co-ordinator ask them to do it for all the groomsmen!
If you have a burning question you want answered let us know at info@sugarblossom.co.uk
Photo credit: SugarBlossom's own

26 January, 2010

Your Wedding’s Finishing Touches

If you are getting married this summer you may have been focused on the main elements of the wedding day and need to do some final tuning to make your style come together perfectly. As part of our ‘On the Day Co-ordination’ we always complete a final site visit with the bride and groom later in the planning process. It is important to have a last run through when there is still time to make changes, at the visit we visualise how they want the space to be used with the items already ordered, what the venue provide and check what is missing to create the 'wow factor'. When you next go back to your wedding venue consider their colour options and your scheme for the day and check:

  • If you need to hire any additional tableware, for example coloured napkins, table runners, charger plates, coloured wine glasses can be very effective
  • Should you order any additional flower decorations, do you want fresh petals sprinkled down your aisle, would it work to use flowers planned for the reception in the ceremony room first?
  • Do you need to organise for any furniture to be moved?
  • What style are the chairs- can you hang any name signs, ceremony programmes, flowers, bows or confetti bags on them?
  • Will you have to source any table name holders, cake stands or the cake knife or are the provided?
  • If weather permits is there space for any outside decorations, garden games or lighting?
  • Is there space to display any quirky extras such a photos of older family generations getting married, candy bars or alternative table plans?
  • Can you customise cocktail stirrers or party flags for cakes?
  • Is there space to set up a photo booth? You could start collecting fun gimmicks for evening shots, we did this for the wedding pictured for a heap of relaxed shots.

These finishing touches really pull a wedding together. Do get in touch if you need any support in the run up and on your special day x Photo credit: www.breathepictures.com