02 January, 2009

Simple DIY Steps for Gorgeous Wedding Trees

Branches are a fantastically effective way to decorate a venue or have as a table centre. We were inspired by the picture above to have some fun with spray cans and hanging crystal garlands for a winter wonderland effect. They can also serve a purpose as well as being a pretty embellishment; why not use branches to hang luggage style tags for guests to write their messages on in place of a guest book? Or a wishing tree is an ideal whimsical task for such a dreamy decoration. The latest blog from the wonderful Wedding Chicks is dedicated to this very topic; the girls with good taste have looked into how guests can leave you meaningful messages here.

Together with decorativebranches.com they have put these six easy steps together for creating a decoration with branches. Click here to look at their blog for more details and enjoy what may be one of your first DIY projects for 2009!

Picture credits: 1. www.etheraldecor.com 2. www.weddingchicks.com

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  1. Just shown this to a client of ours they loved the idea have your blog well an truly bookmarked for their wedding in 2010.

    These would make for truly enchanted wedding.

    Keep up the blogging. From all at V&T.