07 August, 2008

Inspiring Invites with a 2009 Preview

If invitations could walk many would be worthy of their own high fashion catwalk shows- here in the UK we have some of the most amazing designers and today we are lucky enough to showcase some of their work. The invites below are new for 2009 from Kelly Geeson Designs
Big thank you to Kelly Geeson Designs for this exclusive sneak preview to SugarBlossom blog readers before the invites appear in any magazines.
Kelly Geeson Designs also has some top tips for choosing your invitations:
  • Don't be afraid to use colour. An elegant and stylish look can easily be achieved without sticking to ivory and cream
  • Make sure you allow plenty of time to have your stationery designed and printed
  • If you are stuck for a theme or idea for your stationery make a list of ideas that you are using throughout the rest of your day, such as your choice of flowers, the style of your dress, any jewellery you have chosen, etc, and a bespoke design can be created to match.

Another designer we are besotted with is Sugalily (http://www.sugalily.co.uk/)- they have a stunning range of invites, we particularly adore the ‘Vintage Glitz & Glamour’ and ‘Country Garden’ ranges shown below:

It is not only us mere SugarBlossom wedding planners that have fallen for Sugalily’s charms- A list couple Pearl Lowe and Danny Goffey, part of the famous Primrose Hill set, have recently picked Sugarlily to design all of the stationery for their vintage inspired wedding.
Whilst it may seem the purpose of invites is to gaze at their beauty, there are some fundamental pieces of information to remember to include:
  1. Reply card with any dietary requirements
  2. Directions and map
  3. Local hotels/guesthouses/B&Bs for people needing to stay over. If the hotel is providing a special rate for guests at your wedding, make sure to mention it.
  4. An optional gift list there are mixed views on whether this should be included or only made available if people request a copy, although it is becoming more and more common to pop in with the invite.
  5. Transport options to get to the area - train, bus, airports.
  6. Information about Car Parking if required
  7. Local Taxi numbers for the evening or those without cars
  8. Any other details that may be useful if people are staying for a weekend; such as local attractions, taxi numbers, restaurants…

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