30 September, 2009

Star in Romeo & Juliet!

This would make such a sweet wedding gift for your husband to be! For only £19.95 you can personalise this classic romantic story with your details and have Romeo and Juliet’s names replaced with yours! Click here to visit the website.
Found via Springwise.com
Photo credit: All images from www.gettingpersonal.co.uk


  1. I don't get this - Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy! They both end up dying - why would you want to give your husband a story in which you both die? Or does it change the ending?

  2. Very true, but still a classic true love story. They do Robin Hood if you fancy being Maid Marian instead! x

  3. May be it will help them to be make their relation Romeo and Juliet. It would strengthen an emotional bond between them.