16 July, 2008

Flower Flair on a Budget

We love flowers here at SugarBlossom and would never let a limited budget put us off- in fact we relish the challenge and enjoy thinking creatively with our clients to stimulate some amazing ideas. Obviously the easiest way to save money is to have fewer flowers or not opt for the fussier styles. Here are our top 3 tips for saving money on flowers:
  1. Give flowers that may seem dull on first impressions a chance; for example carnations in a pomander ball look stunning
  2. Buy seasonal flowers – over the year the cost of flowers fluctuates due to what’s in season and key events like Valentine’s Day and Mothers Day.
  3. Give flowers more than one role! Move the ceremony flowers to your reception and pop the bridesmaids bouquets in vases or bouquet holders

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