29 July, 2008

Wedding Cakes- Almost too Pretty to Eat!

SugarBlossom love everything sweet and sugary, so wedding cakes, whether wacky, whimsical or elegant, are always a highlight of our planning! Having a wedding cake is an old tradition, but one that has evolved over the years- in medieval times it was sweet bread that was thrown at the couple to determine how many children the couple would have and a sign of good fortune. Thankfully, today the wedding cake is motionless and displayed in a prominent position to be admired. Your cake is a fantastic opportunity to be creative and dream up elaborate ideas with your wedding planner to reflect your personalities. Specialist wedding cake companies can make these a reality to the extent some seem more like pieces of art!
Little Venice Cake Company, MaisieFantasie and Peggy Porschen are all well known for their stunning wedding cakes and come highly recommended by us, also favoured by many celebs.
If you have the tastes of the celebrities, but not necessarily the budget, we also absolutely adore The Cake Fairy (http://www.thecakefairy.com/) they create incredibly tasty works of art without the price tag to match! Guidelines for servings: Round sponge: 6” = 14 8” = 28 10” = 46 12” = 66 Square sponge: 6” = 18 8” = 32 10” = 50 12” = 72 Round fruit: 6” = 28 8” = 48 10” = 80 12” = 112 Square fruit: 6” = 36 8” = 64 10” = 100 12” = 144

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