27 August, 2008

A Modern Alternative to Table Plans- Escort Cards

We are not being disloyal to our love of table plans in anyway, but today is the day to announce that we have also been admiring escort cards on American websites from afar and feel like showing off some of our favourite finds to raise the profile of them a little more over in the UK. If you are having designated seating you will need a table plan, or the popular American alternative of escort cards, to let your guests know what table they will be sitting at.
The most popular designs are either tent folded so they stand easily - you simply write your guest name on the front and their table name/number inside, or a card tucked into a miniature envelope with the guest's name written on the outside.
You can make a pretty display with escort cards by arranging them on a table in rows separated by flowers or by hanging or pegging them over a length of ribbon.
These save the normal crush at the table plan and also let your wedding planner or a bridesmaid make any adjustments that may be needed on the day.
Displaying the escort cards hanging from a ‘tree’ (or multiple trees) is stunning:
Wishing rocks are an alternative idea, simply place a rock on, or near, each escort card, along with a sign instructing guests to make a wish for the couple on their respective rock and then place it in a large vase. After the wedding you can keep it at home, a container filled with good wishes:
Picture credits: Meg Smith, Paperdolls, Style Me Pretty and The Knot


  1. Such a beautiful and easy idea. Thanks so much for sharing such creativity.

  2. Thank you, I’m glad you like them. There are so many beautiful ideas for escort cards x

  3. We are having our wedding at our airport hangar and have decided on hangind paper airplane escort cards from small tree branches! I'm really excited about it!