15 September, 2008

Love Fortune Tellers

These are a quirky keepsake that can be used in a number of fun ways- an alternative wedding breakfast menu, a trivia quiz on you and your new husband or uncovering romantic love quotes. We adore the ‘Love Origami’ by Cox & Cox (image above) that have French phrases underneath the colourful hearts; a pack of 30 is only £10.00.
They look pretty displayed piled up in vases or scattered over the tables during the wedding breakfast.
If you have the time why not try making them yourself, as possibly the simplest form of origami they are so easy to do we can recall making these in the school playground! Click here for a useful template to use. If you do decide to get creative and do them yourself we would love to see the end results- email us at enquiries@sugarblossom.co.uk
Image on left from Martha Stewart Weddings


  1. That is a wonderful idea!! I'm not engaged but I love weddings~ one of my dream jobs ((you know the kind you would do for free because you love it so much?)) is wedding planning. Partly because of this one of my close friends asked me to be her maid of honor and I will pass of this great idea to her.


  2. I'm pleased you like it- I'd love to see some pics when you and your friend start practising making them x