28 September, 2008

Martha Stewart has the Dreamiest Wedding Ideas…

We have just spent five fun packed days in Toronto- it is such a hip city with a relaxed vibe, we would definitely recommend it. Anyhow, no holiday would be complete without purchasing a whole heap of wedding magazines for fresh ideas on alternative traditions and styling. What we have just discovered, and I am so eager to share, is Martha Stewart Weddings, mentioned repeatedly in the magazines for a very good reason- she is a wedding guru with absolutely exceptional taste. All of the pictures on this blog are from her site, but the best bit is they are all DIY projects you can make yourself. Visit here to become as equally addicted as us!


  1. Thanks for following!

    I love how soft these pictures are. Definitely dreamy!

  2. Aren’t they lovely, hopefully my own efforts ‘DIY’ing will come out half as pretty! x

  3. Love the templates! Just downloaded a few..... Love your blog and thanks for following mine as well........

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