01 October, 2008

The Church of England Relaxes Wedding Law

Today’s new law makes it much easier to pick your ceremony venue if you were considering an Anglican church. Previously, the only way you could get married in a church was if you attended regularly, lived in the parish or applied for a special license. From today under the new rules you can marry in a church if:
  1. Either of you were baptized or prepared for confirmation there
  2. Either of you has lived in the parish for six months
  3. Either of you has regularly worshipped in the parish for six months
  4. Either of your parents has lived in the parish for six months during your lifetime
  5. Either of your parents has regularly worshipped there for six months in your lifetime
  6. Either of your parents or grandparents were married there

There are over 16,000 Church of England venues to pick from so this really is an exciting step forward on finding your prefect ceremony location. For any further help on finding your venue email us at enquiries@sugarblossom.co.uk

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