25 September, 2009

Colour Schemes and Details of Your Wedding

We recently stumbled upon http://www.tiethatbindsweddings.com/ and loved the way they share our passion for a consistent beautiful theme featuring in lots of unique ways throughout your wedding. All the images in this blog entry are from the delightfully talented Mekala from Tie That Binds, for this wedding they produced a range of stunning blue and yellow co-ordinated pieces. Firstly picking your theme and planning your wedding starts with the colours. Your colour scheme says a lot about you as a couple and gives you the chance to make a statement. However, as Mekala comments, don't be closed-minded about where to find your colour scheme. You can find inspiration in anything- from the location of your first date, to your great grandfathers favorite vintage tie. The biggest fad of the season is to skip a colour theme and go with an overall look instead! This look can be inspired by fashion, an era of time, a childhood story, or even a piece of fabric. These invitations were inspired by fabric purchased at £1 a metre! Dig around in your and your groom's history to find a theme that works best for you. In this wedding the colours were inspired by the groom's formal military uniform. The story of the couple surviving 4 years of being apart while he attended West Point Military Academy was a huge part of bringing the wedding together. This brings me to the next big part of planning a wedding: the details. As a frequent attendee of weddings, it's easy for them to blur together. White dress, flower girls, a big kiss, a dance, the end. Tie That Binds strive to find ways to make the wedding unique. For this wedding, the love story of the bride and groom was so significant that they crafted two books - one at each table.
The first book had his version of their love story, and another with hers. These books not only caused the tables to talk amongst themselves and trade books, but also gave those out-of-towners an inside view into how their romance came to be. These types of details were used throughout the rest of the wedding- on the napkins, sweet bags, a vintage pin, handcrafted jewelry gifts- each detail made the wedding unique to the couple and their love. Thank you Mekala for sharing these gorgeous images and the couples story with us. If you are looking for ideas on how to use your theme across your wedding day visit http://www.tiethatbindsweddings.com/ for some fantastic ideas- and the most important and best bit is that the Tie that Binds ship to the UK!
Picture credit: All images from the Tie That Binds, http://www.tiethatbindsweddings.com/


  1. Such a unique wedding cake, I love the pearls draping down the cake, and the photo of the couple is a great idea.

  2. Love the printed napkins, such a great touch to add that extra detail to your wedding.