17 March, 2010

Venue Decoration Service Launched!

We have recently launched SugarBlossom's Venue Decoration service, previously it was only available as part of the Day of Co-ordination package. This has been in response to the number of brides who have been surprised to discover that many of the setting up tasks they expected their venue organiser to do are not offered, or worse still they had planned to go and decorate the day before- only to find out they could not access the venue due to another event or wedding booking.
Will the staff at your venue set up and decorate your room(s) according to your specifications on the day of the wedding?
Few venues take on this responsibility to create the style and atmosphere you have planned for, so you may need to make arrangements with family or friends. Alternatively we offer venue decoration in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hampshire. Read more... or email us with any questions, info@sugarblossom.co.uk
Photo credit: SugarBlossom's own image

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